No More Excuses, Hey Teenager It’s Time to Get a Job - 89,000 More Teenagers Hired in May 2012 Compared to a Year Ago - 154,000 More Than Two Years Ago

Teen Summer Employment Bounces Back From Record Low in 2010

With only 6,000 hires in May 2010, the 2010 summer was the worst for teen employment since the years of World War II. However, the good news is that in May of 2012 employers were bringing the teens back into the workforce with 237,000 total hires.

But, Who is Being Hired?

Teen hiring has rebounded over the past two years, but not necessarily for teens from low income families. Only 21% of teens from a low income family worked in the summer of 2011, compared with 41% of teens from families with incomes in the $100k-$150k range.

Sources: LA Times, Time