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App stores provide an attractive vehicle for developers to market their apps. However, Android Market and the App Store are extremely competitive. There hundreds of thousands of available apps vying for consumer attention in these markets. It is not easy for developers to stand out in such a large crowd, but it is possible.

Diligent app developers can follow a few simple rules to achieve the required 15 minutes of fame to inspire app downloads. While the following tips may seem extremely simple, many developers fail to consider them before placing their apps on the market. In most cases, these developers don’t make much revenue from their app. It pays to pay attention.

Be Original

The only surefire method for success is originality. Apps that stand out from all the others are bought first, and more frequently. So many developers fail to realize this one crucial factor as they continue to shovel out more duplicated apps.

Successful app developers will be one of the following:

Someone who reinvents an existing category with unique new features

The first developer of a brand new app

Simple improvements aren’t enough. Developers who strive to improve existing apps have a hard battle to fight.

Be Tweetworthy

Before an app can be successful, the app must be worth talking about. If people are willing to chat about an app, the apps chances of being successful are much higher. Again, originality will help in this arena. If an app is unique, it is almost always noteworthy.

Practice Pitching

Most developers are capable when pitching an app to coworkers and family members. However, the pitch must be carried much further than the office door. Perfect a pitch designed to sell the app and take it to the rest of the world.

Keep Things Interesting

Make sharing an app easy and engaging. Encourage sharing information on the app across social media networks. Develop a memorable one-liner that sums up the apps purpose and start tweeting and posting. Let everyone know.

Market the App

Apps don’t usually sell themselves. Developers rarely develop apps that go viral without some effort. Publishing demonstrations via YouTube, and other social media networks is a wonderful way to engage potential users. Most users like to see an app in action before they take the plunge to purchase it.

Enlist Evangelists

Never take the blogosphere for granted. Blogs and social media networks aren’t isolated entities. Often, they go hand in hand. The more people there are passing the word around about an app via social media networks, the greater chance there is of a blogger coming in contact with the posts. If no one catches on, stack the deck and request an app review. Review blogs and tech websites are always looking for additional content.

Think Like the Press

Provide the press with a free press package via the app’s website. Make sure the app can provide a good story; journalists will be happy to pick it up. Offer high resolution graphics of related icons and screenshots for news sites and blogs. Additionally, don’t be stingy with promo keys. Distribute them liberally to key contacts. Promos offer a form of cheap marketing collateral for app developers. Allow blogs to give them away free to subscribers to sweeten the deal. Free publicity always pays off.

Harness the Hype

Just like all other types of sales, app sales thrive on a certain amount of hype. Hype is great for marketing, but successful app developers will make reasonable efforts to exercise a certain amount of control. Of course, if an app is poorly developed, all the hype in the world can’t make it successful. In such cases, hype can backfire. This could lead to a loss of future sales for other apps.

Marketing an app isn’t difficult, but it does take forethought. App developers must realize that developing apps is a business venture, and all such ventures do involve some level of investment in time and money.