Enough with the Meetings! Employees Sound Off About Stifled Productivity.

Going Down in Flames – Employers Think Employees Are Burned Out

It’s not hard to believe that 45% of employers think their employees are burned out on their jobs when 72% of employees claim to be stressed about their jobs, 67% are considering switching careers, 85% claim their job intrudes on their personal life and 42% are losing sleep over work.

Is Telecommuting the Answer?

Telecommuting just might be the answer for burnout – 62% of workers believe that more people want the option to telecommute and 34% would give up social media to have the option to telecommute, 29% would forego chocolate, 17% a salary increase, and even 5% said they would give up their spouse! But, it’s probably not the answer for increasing productivity – only 29% of employees believe they are more productive from home, and 17% of telecommuters spend one hour or less a day while telecommuting on work, and only 35% work eight or more hours on days when telecommuting.

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