Every day your social media marketing machine (your “SMMM”) needs to be revved up and put in motion. Every day it needs the opportunity to stretch its legs. And, most importantly, every day it needs to be fed.

When feeding your SMMM, make sure to feed it only the content that will create your intended results and help you reach your marketing goals. To assure you stay on target, consider these three guidelines before every Tweet, post, email or other communication:

1. Will This Further Your Marketing Interests?

Does the content help further the marketing interests of your company? E.g., will this increase sales, donations, brand awareness, etc.? Is the content marketing related, or simply a random, non-business related posting? Your analysis of whether the content is marketing related can be, and should be, broad, and it should certainly take into consideration your specific business type, the type of customer to whom you are marketing and your unique marketing style. But, this analysis should not be so broad as to allow for personal, non-business marketing related content to sneak through. Remember, though it may be a 20 character tweet, it is still marketing copy if it is associated with your company and brand; and the only purpose of marketing copy is to market your product, service, brand, company, etc. Don’t waste your customer’s or your own time (and resources) by feeding your SMMM with non-marketing material.

2. Appropriate Content

Is the content appropriate for the company’s target customer? Know your customer well enough and there will be little question on what is appropriate and where to draw the line. Appropriateness is not limited to whether the content should have a parental warning sticker attached to it, but also includes whether the content reflects your customer’s general values, tastes and sensibilities. A good lawyer joke can be appreciated by many, but may not be the best subject matter of a Tweet from a local bar association looking to increase membership. Feed your SMMM only appropriate marketing content and your results will reflect your efforts.

3. Clear and Concise Communications

Is the communication as clear and concise as it needs to be? Can your targeted audience understand what you are communicating in a reasonably (or appropriately) effortless manner? Good marketing copy should hit the target without dragging your customer through a lot of muck and confusion. Whether your SMMM needs to be fed a Tweet, a Facebook post, a blog entry or an email, make sure that the content being fed is effortlessly interpretable by your customer. Do not make your customer guess, don’t force them to work at interpreting your message, and do not leave it up to them to give their own interpretation as to what you are trying to communicate. That does not mean to stay away from engaging your customer and stimulating opinions and conversations. But, if you do, just make sure your intended meaning and message is clear. Keeping it concise and to the point leaves less room for interpretation and is usually better received. When feeding the SMMM, less is usually more.

Ask these three questions before feeding your Social Media Marketing Machine its daily content and you will keep your SMMM happy, healthy and driving new customers your way.