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Testing tools for SubIDs help you analyze and improve the conversion rate of your website. After setting up your SubID tracking URL, important data is revealed, helping you to improve the design of slower pages, correct site errors and find the most effective text and images.

Website conversion means different things to different website owners. Downloading a newsletter, selling a product and collecting email addresses are all examples of conversion. Testing tools allow you to get the most of your marketing efforts by letting you know which aspects of your website are getting the most traffic and what components need revamping.

Website Optimizer

Google's Website Optimizer is a free testing tool designed to help you increase your conversion rate. You tell Google what to analyze on a single web page or which web pages to compare to one another. Google then runs tests on your site and shares critical data that open your eyes to the user experience. You'll then know, for example, when an error shows up on Internet Explorer and not on Firefox and the average screen size of site visitors. If most users are using mobile phones to view your page, they may be missing important information that is not visible to them without excessive scrolling.

When setting up the Website Optimizer test, you're asked to choose a test page that offers a particular action to users. Downloading a report, signing up for a webinar or making purchases are a few examples. You then choose a conversion page, which is the place where the main action of buying, signing up or downloading occurs. You're offered two types of tests:

- A/B Testing: In an A/B test you choose two different pages and ask Google to tell you how these pages compare to one another. The value of this test is in learning the effectiveness of different colors, layouts and button positioning. You might find that a blue button works better than red and that placing the 'sign up' button on the top right gets more clicks than placing it on the bottom left.

- Multivariate Testing: This type of test allows you to analyze the performance of various elements on a single page. For example, you can see which images or text are more popular on a page or which sections of text get the most attention. Shorter text might be more effective than large chunks of text, for example.


Paditrack is another free tool that helps you track visitors to get a higher conversion rate. Funnel tracking is a term that refers to comparing multiple pages of information to determine which page was responsible for the ultimate click and conversion. Paditrack uses Google Analytics data and generates reports that show you the actions that led to conversion. This tool gives you retroactive reports and doesn't limit the number of funnels you can build.

While Paditrack is very similar to Google's Website Optimizer, it's often useful to use several tools and compare the results to one another. A Paditrack report will tell you, for example, that "fewer than 10% of users moved on to the next step." You can compare this statistic to other site locations to see which pages are using effective content, images and design.


ClickTale offers a more sophisticated service and charges for it in different pricing plans ranging from a $99/month basic plan to the more expensive $990/month plan designed to track 300,000 monthly page views. This tool shows you the exact clicks, keystrokes and movements that users take when visiting your site. They include videos of user activity, along with "heat maps" that help you determine where users are looking, clicking and scrolling.