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Your landing page should make visitors feel as though they've arrived in exactly the right place. Consider visitors' needs when building a landing page, and test out various affiliate offers to find the most profitable options.

Building a landing page that leads to conversions and profits requires some thought and analysis. First, consider the numerous ways that a website can make you money. Then think about what might have led visitors to your site. They may be looking for a product, service, information or new ideas.

The Ideal Scenario

Look closely at various methods of earning money. Join an affiliate marketing network and examine all of the offers. You might promote ringtones, music or e-books for merchants and earn a percentage of sales. Alternatively, you might be a merchant with your own products and services. Write down all of the ways that your website can potentially make money, including affiliate marketing, product sales and advertising.

Landing Page Content

Determine exactly what you want your landing page to do. Your goal may be to sell an affiliate's e-book, gather contact information or keep visitors on your site long enough to click on an ad. What message is needed to achieve this goal? If the e-book you've linked to teaches people how to find a job in a recession, your landing page might address the challenges of the job hunt in a tight economy or link to an article on your blog or website that addresses this issue.

Stick to clear and precise messaging on your landing page to instantly engage visitors. If a site visitor is looking to buy a camera battery, they don't want to read about the history of the camera or waste time trying to find the battery on your site. The easier you make it for people to find what they need, the more successful your landing page will be in generating conversions.

Define Specific Actions

Think through the specific path you intend for website visitors to take when arriving on your landing page. You might want them to read your page and immediately click on a button to order a product. Alternatively, you might want them to spend as much time as possible on your site, clicking from article to article and eventually purchasing an item through a relevant ad. Explain these intentions to your copywriter or keep them in mind as you write taglines and headlines and structure the text, images and buttons on the page.

Engage Visitors

A website owner's goal might be to get visitors to click on a button to purchase trading software from an affiliate merchant. Simply telling visitors that it's a great trading system that will make them rich will only arouse suspicion. Why should they believe the message? The messaging should appeal to visitors' needs. Maybe there are credible testimonials that can be posted to help sell the software. Maybe the site owner has benefited from the product himself and can write a convincing testimonial. It helps to warm up potential customers by telling authentic and convincing stories.

Testing Offers

In affiliate marketing networks, you often log in to see a large number of offers of the same type of product. To test the offers, review all information closely. Be prepared to try a number of the offers by rotating them. Several merchants may be selling the same exact software, e-book or ringtones. The best way to see which will earn you the most is to try them out one by one. Across time, you'll have a better idea about which offers are most profitable.