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ClickBank provides fast access to thousands of products to sell online.

With ClickBank, affiliate marketers can find items to sell and choose the commissions they want to make. For product sellers, it’s a way to build an affiliate network.

Signing Up And Choosing Products

ClickBank is a database of tens of thousands of digital products that can be sold by affiliates. Affiliate marketers favor the site because of the wide selection of products and the high commission rates available to affiliates. The seller of each product chooses the price of the item and the commission rate that affiliates will receive for each sale. The higher the commission rate, the more affiliates will want to sell it. This prompts many ClickBank sellers to set their commission rates at 50 to 75% of the sales price. For many products, this means $50 or more for each sale.

The products are arranged by subject categories in the ClickBank Marketplace. To find the type of products that you want to sell, choose a subject category and enter a keyword into the search box. The commission rates and prices are clearly visible for each item, making it easy to find products that will generate the kind of per-sale commissions that you want to earn. Some marketers choose to promote expensive items to earn as much as possible with each sale. Some prefer to market lower-priced items to generate more sales.

Making Sales

Your ClickBank ID, free when you sign up with the site, allows you to promote as many products as you want. There is no fee to promote any product. To promote the items you chose, click on the “create hoplink” button located with each product entry. This will generate a link that you can use to promote the product. Place the link online and the sales generated by the link will be tracked. Each sale will generate a commission that will be paid by ClickBank within two months.

Affiliates can expect for some sales to be reversed when customers ask for refunds. The 60-day wait to be paid for a sale is to give customers time to request refunds for the items they bought. While the products do come with money-back guarantees, most buyers don’t request refunds. If an affiliate makes sales consistently, he can expect to get regular payments from ClickBank.

Getting Paid

Affiliates are paid by paper check for the first 90 days of your sales. After that period, affiliates can choose to be paid by either paper check or direct deposit. Direct deposit payments are issued once a week. Checks are issued every two weeks. Because the payments come directly from ClickBank, affiliates don’t have to worry about small-time sellers not sending out payments as agreed or going out of business and ending payments.

Selling Products Through ClickBank

For digital product sellers, ClickBank offers a place to post their product and have access to thousands of affiliates who are looking for products to promote. Sellers choose their own price point and have a range of affiliate commission percentages to choose from. They can change their price point if they choose and adjust the commission percentage to attract more affiliates.

While an affiliate’s account is free, a seller’s account is $49.95. The one-time account fee allows the account holder to post multiple items for sale on the site. Sellers upload their product onto the site along with an image and a description of the product. Sellers are not notified when sales are made, but they can check their accounts for sales at any time.