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Setting up an advertising campaign involves a great deal of work. Once an ad begins running there is often a lot of fine tuning done after the fact in order to improve the results and reach marketing goals.

Try Out Different Approaches

A very successful method to ensure that advertising campaigns are successful is to test various ad messages in order to gain some insight into what might attract customers to your products and services. Testing ads is an effective method for delving into what motivates customers and discovering better ways to communicate with them. Some of the types of messages that can be used during ad campaigns include:

Discounts-One of the most successful campaigns businesses can run involve offering lower prices. Ads featuring discounts and lower pricing are usually the best performing.

Informative-Target customers who know what they want by communicating exactly what you are offering.

Testimonials-These types of ads build trust and rapport with customers.

Inquiries- Challenge potential customers to think about what they are looking for by asking a few leading questions.

Location Based Messages- Businesses that are restricted to doing business in a specific area generally choose these types of ads in order to filter out irrelevant customers.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion-AdWords utilizes this to insert an end user’s exact keywords into an ad. This type of message allows users to notice that the featured business is offering the services or products they are looking for.

Features and Benefits-Messages communicating product features are designed to inform customers that a product will meet or exceed their expectations.

The preceding message types are utilized to discover what approach might best serve potential customers. Each type of message focuses on a different aspect of the shopping experience. Once the best marketing approach is determined it can continue to be utilized to serve customers better. The only way to find out what approach works best is to test the ads.

There are two primary ways to test ads:

Mix and Match Method-By taking different elements from each type of ad and combining them, a winning approach can be developed that will appeal to customers.

The Exclusive Approach- Test different messages and choose the message that customers respond to.

Measure the Results

Most ad servers offer features to measure ad performance. The ability to create a detailed report on any active ads is usually located in the dashboard area.

An Ad Performance Report will show all active and inactive ads. In most cases the data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

It’s fairly easy to see what types of ads customers have responded to using the data provided. Cross reference that data with recent sales, and you can get an accurate picture of how each ad is performing. However, it’s best to make observations over a certain period of time and repeat the tests periodically. Limited testing can provide skewed results. Considering testing complete without using enough of a range to determine whether conclusions are accurate can negate all the data. Before jumping to any conclusions you may wish to:

Allow Enough Time to Pass Before Coming to a Conclusion

Data should be collected over a specific period of time. The data should be collected during optimum purchase times such as Christmas and during the rest of the year. Collecting data takes time and patience. Without these elements, the data won’t be dependable. It’s advisable to repeat testing more than once.

Minimum Traffic Levels are Needed for Accurate Results

There must be enough visitors seeing the ad in order for any conclusions being made. It’s impossible to determine the effectiveness of any ad if no one views it. Before starting an ad campaign, determine that the ad will be placed in a highly trafficked area. Running an ad on one web page that no one knows about won’t provide any relevant information.

Analyzing ad performance can involve putting in a great deal of work and time but the rewards are certainly worth the investment. Discovering which ads work the best for a business or service can lead to numerous benefits and financial rewards.