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Take advantage of one of the most common money-making methods for websites and blogs.

Now that you have created a website or blog, it’s time to start earning an income through placement of ads on each page. While there are many companies that provide advertising options for publishers, Google AdSense remains one of the top options for both first-timers and seasoned online publishers.

If you’ve decided to place Google AdSense on your blog or website, you’ll need to sign up for an account before you can begin.

What is Google AdSense?

You’ve probably heard Google AdSense talked about all over the Internet. For example, most professional bloggers that earn a comfortable living from their niche blogs use Google AdSense as one of the several ways they earn passive income from their passion.

AdSense is an advertising platform where publishers, anyone with a website or blog, can place ads within their content. Google then provides tracking information so you can see exactly how well these ads are doing. Whenever anyone, aside from you, clicks an AdSense ad on your site, you get a small fee. This is called a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising method. How much you get paid per click depends on many factors, including the person providing the ad and how often that ad is displayed on websites like yours.

At the end of each month, Google tallies how much you’ve earned through each of your ads. Depending on the method of payment you chose, such as direct deposit, you should receive what’s owed to you at the end of the following month, as long as it exceeds $100 total.

Signing Up For a Google Account

Before you can sign up for a Google AdSense account, you’ll need a Google Gmail account as well. Google requires one Google account for all of their services. Even if you don’t use the email account that comes free when signing up, you still need it in order to start using the advertising service.

Navigate to the main Google website to sign up. Click the “Sign In” button near the top of the page, then click “Sign Up” to create a new account. Follow the steps provided to choose a user name and password.

If you already have a Google Gmail account, you can skip this step.

Signing Up for Adsense

Now that you have a general Google account, you can sign up for AdSense. From the main Google homepage, click “More” at the top of the screen. Click on AdSense from the list of available services.

Click the “Apply” button and fill out the subsequent information. You’ll need to give information about the website you wish to publish ads within, including the web address.You’ll also include your payee information, such as your full name and your bank account info. Google needs this in order to pay you for every click on any of the ads on your site.

When you’re finished with the sign-up process, Google needs to approve your account. This can take up to five days.

Where to Go From Here

Now that you’re signed up with AdSense and your account has been approved, it’s finally time to start adding ad spots to your site. Just click “My Ads” to get started. You select the product and design, then paste the special ad code to your website’s html. If you’re unsure how to do this, Google has a “Getting Started” section in their Resources to help newcomers create their first ad units.