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When you place ads on your site depends on the ad network you’re using.

As the Internet continues to grow and more people start creating websites online, many people strive to make online publishing a business. Whether through a blog or other type of website, users are creating information that they can then add advertising to. By placing ads on the site, successful bloggers and website owners can make good money if it’s done well.

But, as you create your website, you may be wondering when you should place ads on your site. There are many schools of thought on when to place ads, but most of this relates to the advertising method of choice. Follow these tips to figure out when you should start showing ads on your website or blog.

When You Start

Ideally, you should start showing ads from the moment you publish your website. The reason for this is the effect it has on your readers. If you go a year without ads, many of your regular readers will be surprised and potentially put-off by the sudden insertion of ads. In a worse-case scenario, you may lose a large amount of traffic.

This method works best if you’re using Google Adsense for your ads. Adsense doesn’t require a certain amount of traffic, so ads can be placed on brand new websites.

If you already have a website and haven’t put ads up yet, don’t worry. You can always start today.

When You Get Good Traffic

Unlike Google Adsense, some advertising networks require a large amount of traffic before you can sign up. This is especially the case for blog advertising networks and text link advertising. Advertisers want a guarantee that their ad will be seen by lots of users before paying for a spot on your website.

In this case, wait to place ads on your site until you hit the minimum traffic requirement for the ad network you want to work with, such as at least 30,000 unique monthly visitors. You can track how much traffic you get by using Google Analytics for your website.

When You’re Ready

You, as the owner of the website or blog, know better than anyone else when you should place ads on your site. If you don’t feel like you’re ready for it right away, then keep ads off your site. Wait until you’re ready before you place ads. This could be when your blog is one year old, or when you first get a link to your website from an important website in the industry. Until you’re ready, research the many methods of online advertising so you’re prepared for the big day.

Make Sure You Do It Right

According to Draconis Software, an improperly placed ad can actually do more harm than good to your website. If you’re thinking of increasing your revenue by placing ads on your site, make sure that you place them the right way. Don’t pick large, obtrusive ads that interrupt your content. Choose a color scheme for your ads so that they match the look and color scheme of your website. This option is offered by Google Adsense, BlogAds and other advertising companies.

As long as the ads you place don’t disrupt content, they should work in your favor. If you place ads and find that no one is clicking on them, alter how they look or change the area in which they’re placed. Keep trying new methods for ad placement until you get the results you’re looking for.