What are the paid forums in affiliate marketing

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When deciding to join an Internet-based Affiliate Marketing program there are several factors to take into consideration. But, after the decisions been made where do smart marketing gurus turn for help?

Turn to the Experts

They turn to those experts who are successfully earning and willing to share their knowledge with the next generation of Affiliate Marketers. They turn to the forums.

One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is thinking he or she can do it all on their own. Many of those that are successful in an Internet-based Affiliate Marketing system will admit that they too needed a mentor when starting out in the business.

Paid or Free. What type of forum should a new Affiliate Marketer subscribe to and where do they find these specific types of forums?

The short answer is that both types can be beneficial and in this document we’ll discuss:

The advantages of using paid Internet-based Affiliate Marketing forums

Five of the top paid Internet-based Affiliate Marketing forums

Five of the top picks for free Internet-based Affiliate Marketing forums

The advantages of using paid Internet-based Affiliate Marketing forums

Advantage: Being part of a loyal community gives Affiliate Marketers a place to turn for answers when they need help. In a premium environment the level of commitment is typically higher which translates into a higher quality response from those truly committed. This can also mean additional opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Advantage: When you are part of a paid forum you get access to exclusive members only content. This can be valuable inside information that can help boom business.

Advantage: Paid forums offer a gathering point for information that would otherwise not be shared with everyone or be difficult to gather if it wasn’t your job to do so.

Advantage: When looking for the most reliable, inside information available for an online affiliate venture nothing beats the data coming out of the paid forums. This is a necessity for the forums to keep premium members.

Advantage: Paid forum members have paid to be involved. This shows a level of commitment that the freebie forums don’t require.

Five of the top paid Internet-based Affiliate Marketing forums

AFF Playbook Forum (Formerly PPV Playbook)

For a forum that used to have a specific focus the new direction for AFF is towards all things affiliate and affiliate marketing. Boasting over 2,000 members this great resource considers itself home of the “take action” affiliates. They’d also like to point out that members won’t receive any spam or crazy up-sells from this forum.

Click Consultants Forum

This paid forum offers up a plethora of content ranging from general affiliate talk to PPC affiliate marketing. They also cover affiliate networks, have current news and announcements available as well as a learning center coming soon.

The Warrior Forum

This forum offers up unique posts and connections with some of the industry’s top pros. The big benefit, on top of all the great resources, is that the forum will run subscribers a mere $100 for 20 years!

Stack That Money and IMGrind

The Stack That Money and IMGrind forums are both ran by actual affiliate marketers. These paid affiliate forums offer great tools, willing help and valuable case studies. The premium cost for these affiliate forums range around $99 a month.

StackThatMoney offers marketing tools for research and campaign building with a focus towards ad campaigns.

IMGrind has a focus more on the process. They discuss things like building campaigns, generating leads, and topics like sales funnels. They also cover advanced areas like product fulfillment and pay per call systems.

Five of the top picks for free Internet-based Affiliate Marketing forums

Similar in most aspects, these free forums offer up to Affiliate Marketers the ability to network with other marketers while not having to incur any type of costs. While the information might not be as high a quality as that posted in the paid forums they can still be of value.

In addition to affiliate marketing post this forum offers SEO and Social Media forum.

From Adult affiliate marketing to worldwide affiliate marketing this site of a variety of posts.

Money making, market place, and business lounges top this forums lists.

Free affiliate forums and their own affiliate program are available as well as business and marketplace posts.

One of the largest money making communities online and growing.