Traditionally work schedules have revolved around the typical 5 day work week, allowing for a two week vacation at some point during the year. However, not all businesses revolve around the 9-5 daily schedule. Some businesses are more conducive to seasonal operation versus a traditional schedule.

Many business owners prefer to operate seasonal franchises because of the degree of flexibility that they offer. If operating a seasonal franchise sounds appealing, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Seasonal Franchises Need Year Round Attention

Business owners often assume that seasonal franchises are subject to seasonal operation only. This is rarely the case. Most seasonal businesses have marketing needs and training necessities that extend long after the day to day operations cease. It’s imperative that business owners realize that substantial investments of time and money must be expended during the off season as well.

Seasonal Franchises Have Year Round Expenses

Many business expenses of seasonal businesses exist year round. Revenue is received seasonally, but bills continue long after income ceases. Budgeting seasonal income to cover year round business expenses is vital for successful continued operation. Most seasonal businesses succumb to improper money management during the off season.

Sales Can Fluctuate During Busy Seasons

Seasonal franchise owners should never take it for granted that sales will continue to be high volume during the busy season. All too often there are situations beyond a business owner’s control that can cause sales to fluctuate wildly. Being prepared for such situations is essential. Several ways to offset the unexpected losses would be to plan ahead and offer a sales gimmick directly related to the uncertainty. For instance, a business selling snow blowers might run a fall promotion on snow blowers, offering customers the opportunity to purchase the equipment, with the added bonus of a full refund if no snow falls. However, business owners should always do their homework prior to making such offers. Most franchise owners purchase insurance in advance to cover the cost of the items, and they research the odds, ensuring that the chances of success are in their favor.

Great Expectations Can Lead To Disillusion Great Expectations Can Lead To Disillusion

Investing in a seasonal franchise doesn’t guarantee success. Rarely, if ever, does a seasonal franchise immediately become profitable. It takes hard work and talent to turn a seasonal franchise into a full time income producing opportunity. Most seasonal franchises cannot bring in full time revenue during their first few years of operation.

Making Big Money Requires Effective Planning

Most seasonal franchises will require more than one location to pay off. Multiple locations, effective planning, and budgeting are required, but even the best laid plans generally take a couple of years to generate profit. Most seasonal franchise will require expansion efforts to maximize earning potential.

Effective Time Management Optimizes Success

Seasonal franchises offer business owners some down time to work on the franchise, obtain training, or pursue other income opportunities. Viewing the down time as an asset instead of a liability is essential to developing a successful seasonal franchise.

Many seasonal franchise owners develop additional complementary services during the off season. Lawn care franchises have successfully marketed snow shoveling and driveway salting services during the winter months. Seasonal franchises owners often realize that the off season provides ample time for business development.

Seasonal Franchises are Hard Work

Novice seasonal franchise owners may assume that their business will be easy to operate and offer them immediate full time income with very little investment. This isn’t true. Most seasonal franchises offer 80 hour weeks during the busy season, and more hard work in the initial stages during the down time, even when revenue isn’t actively generated.

Seasonal franchises aren’t like other franchise opportunities, but they do provide an opportunity to generate a full time income with seasonal hours, if proper preparation and planning are implemented.