Technology is a broad label that encompasses hundreds of fields. With so many choices, it may be hard to decide what direction to take. Education requirements will depend on the area of expertise you choose. Some people prefer to work in hands-on hardware technology, like computer repair, network maintenance, or systems installation, while others prefer the software side, working with language and numbers – programming, information technology, systems analysts, or software engineering.

What you decide to do should depend on your interest and capabilities. A software engineer or systems analyst must be proficient in math and structure, and be capable of minute attention to detail. Web design demands creativity, an understanding of color and layout, and an artistic eye, in addition to the basic language required to arrange elements on a page. Computer and systems maintenance and repair combines an understanding of the hardware – the guts of the computer and wiring – with knowledge of recovery and virus protection. There are a number of things to consider before choosing a technology career path.

Technology is an excellent field with robust job growth expected to continue well into the next decade and beyond. The exciting thing about technology is that there is always something new on the horizon, and there is a constant demand for people capable of developing and keeping up with new innovations.

Technology Jobs

The first step will be to narrow down the choices to the area of technology that suits you best. Some examples of technology jobs include:

  • IT specialist
  • Programmer
  • Computer repair
  • Systems analyst
  • Web developer
  • Information technology
  • Software engineer
  • Database administrators
  • Game designer
  • Solar and green energy technicians

The list of possible technology careers is endless. Today, everything from NASA's monitoring systems to the average toaster has an electronic brain, and in the future, these devices will continue to expand in usefulness and design, which forecasts continuing need for experts in every related field. According to CNN Money, software developer was the best job for fast growth in 2011. Information technology consultant, database administrator, IT business analyst, software developer engineer, systems administrator, and web developer are also on the list of top 20 hottest jobs.