How To Start a Pet Grooming Business Part III

With a critical mass of customers your pet grooming business will start taking off.

After getting set up at your shop and getting a solid customer base, your pet grooming business will be doing well. Now it’s time to reflect on how to keep a loyal customer base, as well as what to do when you can no longer handle all your customers on your own.

Customer Service For Pet Groomers

As a pet groomer you always have two customers: The person paying you and their furry friend.

When dealing with your human client, remember the non-human one. The most important thing with people is making them feel like their animal is safe with you. Your love of animals will go a long way toward selling clients on returning to your business. You should also create a comfortable environment for people while they wait. Get comfortable chairs with recent magazines about animals and general interest topics for your lobby area. A water cooler is great so people can grab a drink, and also so that animals can have a drink while they wait. This is particularly useful on hot summer days.

Your non-human clients might be a little fussier than your human clients. How you deal with a pet will vary greatly from one to another. You will have to have a touch of a dog whisperer in you to know what every furry friend needs and doesn’t need. One big thing you will need, however, is patience. When an animal is difficult you still need to be at the top of your game. As you have repeat clients you will become better accustomed to the individual needs of your animal clients. Remember that you can’t really get away with banning animals for being trouble unless they’re dangerous to you, your clients... or your employees.

Hiring Help at Your Pet Grooming Service

When you can no longer handle all your clients yourself, it’s time to hire help. A front-desk receptionist can take a lot off your hands. She can handle clients when they come in, as well as book appointments. Other animal groomers fall into one of two categories: Independent contractors and employees. Much like salons for humans, pet grooming services often rent out space to other stylists. Alternately, you can hire less-experienced stylists as employees. The key thing is finding people who are both good at what they do, as well as good with the animals in your shop. As a rule of thumb, try to hire people who elevate the level of service in your shop and work well independently.

Live the Dream of Working With Animals

If you love working with animals, but don’t love science all that much, animal grooming is a great way to make a living. Opening your own shop allows you to be in charge and keep the profits, rather than earning an hourly wage for someone else. While it can sometimes be frustrating, all businesses are. Nothing, however, can replace the look on the face of a happy, furry customer.