What  is docstoc?
docstoc is a user generated community for sharing professional documents.
Find a vast quantity of high quality legal, business, technology, educational, and creative documents for free.  docstoc allows users to upload their documents for all the world to share. 
In addition, users can store their documents in their own personal online folders for anytime, anywhere access. 

Are the documents really free?
YES!  Simply create a profile (only username and email required) and you can download any document on docstoc. 

Why should I share my professional documents?
For the same reason you want to download other users documents for free.  Here are three good reasons to upload:

 Reciprocity: sharing your documents encourages more users to share theres
 Marketing: including information about yourself in your docs and use it as lead generation or to build new professional relationships
 Feedback: get an engaged population of users viewing, downloading, rating, and commenting on your documents

What type of files can I upload?
Currently we are supporting the following file types: .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .ppt, .txt

How many documents can I upload?
Now you’re talking.  Currently users can upload an unlimited amount of documents.  Just make sure that they are valuable for the community and that you have the copyright to do so. 

Does docstoc provide online file storage, how much?
Yes, when logged in, from the profile tab, users can create their own personalized directory of folders, much the same way you do on your “my documents” folder on your home or business computer. 
Users can add as many sub folders as they want and can drag and drop their documents into these folders.  You can use docstoc to keep all your documents online for anytime, anywhere access. 
Currently users have unlimited file storage on docstoc, that may change in the future, but probably not anytime soon.

Can I keep the files I upload to docstoc private?
Yes, when you upload documents on docstoc you can check a box to mark those files private.  If you do so, no other user will be able to find that document through the keyword or categorical search.  But you will be able to see the secret url for that document and share it with any of your own personal contacts. 

Do you let users change or add tags and categories to the documents I upload?
Yes, but only if you want them to.  Documents are easier to find on docstoc when they are categorized and tagged correctly.  In case you don’t tag or categorize your document at the time of upload, or in case there were better classifications for that document, other users can change/add categories and add tags to your documents.  BUT, you can either 1) required approval first or 2) disable other users from doing so from the settings tab. 
To change/add categories/tabs, click on the title of any document and edit the doc from the upper left hand corner of the document details page. 

Why should I create a profile on docstoc?
Your profile is optional, but we strongly encourage to fill our as much information about yourself and to add photos.  This is a professional community and other professionals are more likely to reach out if they know something about you. 

What’s the request feature?
Even if we don’t have the document that you are looking for, we can help you find it.  Click on the request tab, and add the title, tags, categories, language, and file type of any document that you are looking for.  When any other user subsequently upload the document, you’ll get it sent to you by email.